The foundation of a modern economy is a robust industrial infrastructure. This is especially true in emerging economies, which are becoming the hub of infrastructure development and expansion. A holistic approach to industrial infrastructure takes into account the projected benefits and potential challenges as well as the milestones for the process from ideation to going on-stream. India is already on the path of rapid industrial infrastructure expansion, and the ‘Make in India’ initiative has added a new impetus to this expanding the nation’s foundation for growth. Fluence Interior is an engineering, procurement, construction, and project management (EPCM), Contractor. Over the past decade, Fluence Interior has become a trusted EPCM Contractor by providing exceptional services and technical knowledge across every phase of a project. Fluence Interior works with governmental agencies and multinational companies to design, build, and maintain many Infrastructure, Landscaping and Construction projects. As an EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Project Management) company, Fluence Interior has over the past decade become a trusted firm providing exceptional expertise and technical knowhow in a variety of projects and services. Fluence Interior has worked with numerous governmental agencies and multinational organizations on turnkey projects including but not limited to providing design and build services whilst maintaining a number of Infrastructure and Utility projects. Their primary objective in Fluence Interior is to develop, execute, and maintain projects on schedule and within budget without compromising in any way on operational excellence. The individual and collective expertise of Fluence Interior’s team is its main asset ensuring cost-effective and intelligent solutions in a timely manner.

Services rendered include:

  • Power Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Landscaping
  • Construction & Building Services

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